Arter, a burgeoning force in the world of grain production, stands as a beacon of quality and diversity with its extensive range of 29 grain, cereal, and flour varieties. As a newly established brand committed to excellence, Arter entrusted our agency with a paramount mission: to craft and execute a comprehensive branding and packaging strategy for their entire product line. At the core of our collaboration with Arter lay a shared vision for excellence. Our dedicated team meticulously delved into the essence of Arter's offerings, recognizing the significance of conveying not just quality but a narrative that resonated with consumers.

Packaging concept

Drawing inspiration from Arter's commitment to excellence, we meticulously crafted a cohesive brand identity that exuded premium quality, reliability, and trust. From conceptualizing the brand's core values to designing the logo, packaging, and visual assets, every element was meticulously curated to reflect Arter's dedication to top-tier products.

With 29 distinct products in the lineup, our team embarked on a journey to create individual packaging designs that encapsulated the essence of each grain and cereal type. The packaging not only showcased the product’s quality but also conveyed a sense of sophistication and differentiation on the shelves, setting Arter apart in the competitive market landscape.

As a result

A Harmonious Fusion of Quality and Aesthetics

The culmination of our collaboration with Arter resulted in a harmonious fusion of quality and aesthetics. The newly established brand emerged with a commanding presence, reflecting excellence in every facet of its brand identity and packaging, poised to captivate consumers and carve a distinctive niche in the industry.

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