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Founded by Arevik Simonyan back in 2005, Kivera is famous for its signature style that emphasizes on feminine, elegant, luxurious and bold designs that never gets old. The brand’s DNA symbolizes elegance, noble classics and femininity. It has undoubtedly established itself as an epitome of classical tailoring that pays its tribute to the established traditions in culture, art and architecture. It was with great excitement that our team started this collaboration.


Our creative canvas expanded into the orchestration of bespoke fashion photoshoots, elevating Kivera's narrative through immersive visual storytelling. The Christmas campaign witnessed festive elegance, while the Valentine's Day shoot was a symphony of romantic aesthetics, weaving tales of allure and love through captivating imagery.

For the Christmas campaign, we ingeniously curated scenes within the urban landscape, infusing the essence of celebration into everyday street settings. Evoking the spirit of the season, we seamlessly integrated festive elements amidst the vibrant city backdrop. The Valentine's Day shoot was a graceful dance of romance, where every frame echoed the allure and warmth of love, setting hearts aflutter.


Kivera draws its essence from the intricate beauty of Armenian culture, weaving a brand identity that reveres its ornate ornaments, symbolic crosses, and rich artistic heritage.
Inspired by traditional Armenian patterns and symbolic crosses, Kivera's brand identity exudes elegance and cultural richness. From the logo to visual elements, each detail pays homage to Armenian heritage, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity.

This fusion of heritage-inspired aesthetics with contemporary fashion sensibilities positions Kivera as a cultural ambassador, showcasing the exquisite legacy of Armenian artistry to a global audience.

Social media

Our agency orchestrated Kivera's social media landscape, spearheading impactful campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. Through dynamic strategies and engaging content, we heightened Kivera's visibility and established genuine connections with its audience. From crafting visually compelling posts to actively engaging with followers, our approach resulted in increased interaction rates and elevated brand engagement.
During peak seasons like Black Friday, our tailored social media campaigns drove notable spikes in traffic to Kivera's platforms, translating directly into heightened sales figures.

Our responsive message handling and proactive engagement strategies fostered a loyal online community, enhancing trust and directly contributing to Kivera's impressive sales surge during pivotal periods.
The symbiosis of our social media initiatives and sales growth underscored the potency of our strategic approach. Kivera not only witnessed a remarkable surge in its online presence but also experienced a substantial uptick in conversion rates and revenue during critical sales seasons, cementing its standing as a leading entity in the competitive fashion industry.

As a result

The partnership between our agency and the already-prestigious Kivera brand resulted in significant achievements. Our refined brand identity, drawing inspiration from elegance, nobility, and a sense of luxurious femininity, further elevated Kivera's esteemed position within the fashion sphere. By infusing the brand with elements of timeless luxury and refined sophistication, Kivera's new identity became an emblem of classic grace and empowered femininity, captivating audiences worldwide. Furthermore, our strategic social media initiatives substantially enhanced engagement, drove increased website traffic, and notably boosted sales, particularly during pivotal events such as Black Friday, Christmas etc. This collaboration underscored the enduring impact of our branding and marketing strategies in reinforcing Kivera's distinguished status as a leading force in the industry.

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