Artfood Cannery

“Artashat Cannery” OJSC is one of the leading and largest companies in food industry in Armenia. It is a continually growing and expanding company with a capacity to produce up to 40 million canned goods annually. It’s continues to increase the production volumes. The mission which “Artashat Cannery” OJSC set to itself from the very first days of the company was to provide only high-quality food products which would improve one’s quality of life. The company presents Artfood, Janarat and Like a Chef brands in the assortment of vegetables, marinades, jams, compotes, canned food and sauces, as well as Amare, Natura and Vitamix brands with various fruit juices.

Artfood is a taste that is familiar to every member of our team, so it’s a great pleasure to cooperate with such a company.

Brand Communication and Brand Promotion Tools

Creation and development of corporate identity

Artfood is represented with a wide variety of canned goods, and our goal was the creation of photos that will evoke either pleasant memories of familiar tastes or interest towards new product. For reaching this goal our team is constantly organizing photo and video shoots in different locations: from studios to real kitchens and even market. Everything is done to create the right tasty ambiance.

Even bestsellers need some upgrades from time to time. Artfood mayonese is a well-known product, and its packaging needed a new design. Our team team created several variants of new packaging.

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

Artfood is a well-known company so our mission was not about introducing a new company to the market. It was about telling in a eye-catching way about offers and sales, and about evoking interest towards new products.

So we created unique content that increased sales.