June 2019



Social media marketing

As an industry stalwart, Artfood is one of the leading and largest companies in food industry in Armenia, boasting a rich legacy as one of the oldest and most revered players in the cannery production realm. With a legacy loved and recognized by thousands, Artfood has earned its place as a household name, resonating deeply with consumers worldwide. Despite its esteemed reputation, even an established brand like Artfood understands the evolving landscape of marketing. Seeking to further expand its reach and maintain relevance in today's dynamic market, Artfood chose to partner with us to leverage innovative strategies and modern approaches.

Campaings and seasonal designs

We meticulously engineered a content strategy tailored to Artfood's brand ethos, showcasing the company's rich heritage, the essence of their quality produce, and the heartwarming stories behind each tomato.

From prompt responsiveness to messages to orchestrating multiple product photoshoots, our efforts aimed to elevate Artfood's online persona and foster meaningful connections with its audience.

SMM and Photoshoots

At the heart of our collaboration with Artfood lies our comprehensive approach to social media management. As custodians of their online presence, our agency meticulously crafted and curated Artfood's Facebook platform, strategically transforming it into an engaging hub for their audience.

Mayonez packaging design

Our marketing company breathes new life into mayonnaise packaging, introducing a fresh and modern design. The revamped look blends contemporary aesthetics with the rich heritage of this beloved condiment, creating a visually appealing packaging that stands out on the shelves.

Elevate your culinary experience with our thoughtfully redesigned mayonnaise packaging – a perfect harmony of tradition and innovation.

As a result

Through our collaboration, Artfood experienced a surge in online engagement, reaching broader demographics and fostering stronger connections with their loyal customer base. The brand witnessed a substantial increase in engagement metrics, including higher reach, interaction rates, and an expanded audience base. Furthermore, this translated into tangible business outcomes, with heightened product visibility, increased sales, and strengthened customer loyalty.

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