June 2023


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The Health and Longevity Forum held in the picturesque landscapes of St. Moritz sought to redefine the discourse on health and wellness. Our agency was honored to be entrusted with the task of crafting a distinctive visual identity through logo design and corporate style development for this prestigious event.
Commencing this endeavor, our primary challenge was to encapsulate the multifaceted aspects of health, longevity, and the holistic approach embraced by the forum. Our aim was to convey a sense of sophistication, credibility, and innovation, all while reflecting the pristine alpine backdrop of St. Moritz.

The concept of HLF tour branding

Our creative process began by meticulously understanding the core values and objectives of the forum. We then translated these insights into a logo design that embodied the spirit of vitality, balance, and forward-thinking. The logo emerged as a visual synthesis, representing the fusion of health, longevity, and the majestic essence of St. Moritz.

Beyond the logo, our agency delved deeper into refining the corporate style. Every aspect, from color palettes to typography, was meticulously selected aligning with the core beliefs and values of the forum. As a result corporate style exudes elegance, professionalism, and a vibrant representation of wellness, perfectly aligning with the forum’s vision.

As a result

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a distinctive brand identity that encapsulated the essence of the Health and Longevity Forum St. Moritz. The logo and corporate style not only reflected the values of the event but also served as a striking visual emblem, drawing participants into a realm where health, innovation, and nature converged seamlessly.

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