HBM Group

HBM Group was established in 2017 and has been working with Metroshin since 1996. The scope of activities of the group includes constructing, construction management and design. Throughout past 23 years the company have created a reliable network of partners, clients, subcontractors and suppliers allowing them to consistently deliver the most cost effective, complete and innovative solutions. With a portfolio of numerous projects, HBM Group is proud to be one of the leading Construction Management firms in Armenian market offering proactive approach in all its initiatives.

The main goal of our partnership with HBM Group was the promotion of its current project, residential building situated on Nersisyan str. 5.

Looking ahead we are happy to state that as a result of a successful marketing company all the apartments were sold out before the official exploitation of construction.


Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing & Video & Photo shootings

The social pages of HBM Group should have become one of the main tools of promotion and sales, therefore the current situation on construction site had to be presented quite precisely.

Our team was regularly showing all the stages of construction, moreover the followers learned about perks of buying flat in this particular building, e.g. underground parking, developed infrastructure and convenient location.

The most effective way of showing the construction in real time mode were photos and videos from the location.

Our team weekly visited the construction site, sough and found beautiful aspects, making followers a remote part of the construction.