June 2023

Adventure Bus


We are thrilled to showcase our branding collaboration with Adventure Bus Company, the unrivaled leader in kids' entertainment for over a decade. Renowned for crafting incredible events, thrilling expeditions, and unforgettable parties for children of all ages, AB Company turns every occasion into a magical adventure. Our innovative branding strategy has amplified their mission to create captivating and memorable experiences, solidifying their position as the ultimate destination for family fun and excitement.

Adventure Bus Company
Adventure Bus Company
Adventure Bus Company

As a result

Our primary marketing task was to highlight Adventure Bus Company's extensive experience while maintaining simplicity and leveraging their well-known branded colors. We aimed to modernize the brand, making it more interesting and interactive without losing its established identity. Through strategic branding, we successfully conveyed AB Company's rich history and expertise, updating their visual style to captivate today's audience while preserving the essence that parents and children have come to trust and love.

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